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Wandering the Cemetery

It took me many years to find my place of solace. I knew there had to be a place for me to sit and feel at ease, somewhere quieting the waves of bothersome chatter. This place of mine is one where many people feel uncomfortable, and I completely understand why. I think a lot of people feel it's a place that should only be visited when grieving. I don't agree with that. I believe it's a beautiful place to feel at peace and gather your thoughts.

My comfort is not one particular cemetery, it's any of them. I love walking through a cemetery and reading the headstones as I pass by. I always wonder who the person was and what happened. I've been able to gain clarity on story plots or personal life decisions, and even use my time there to calm my nerves. Sitting on the benches and listening to the surroundings is something everyone should try. The noises that come into your ears is far different from other places, and it's the same with the silence. The silence is excellent in cemeteries. I've stood in front of headstones and pondered questions like, what was this person like in the living world, and what are they like now in the afterworld? Were they friendly, quaint, pompous or maybe callous? Did their overall demeanor change now that they are in the afterlife? Are they in heaven, hell, or purgatory? Perhaps they are walking around their old stomping grounds or watching me as I ponder. My soul feels comfort, even when I'm only driving by. I feel peace knowing that there are places I can go to be alone and comforted. Go to a nearby cemetery and wander around the grounds. Read the headstones that you pass by, and when you get to a name that resonates with you, create their family tree. Write how the deceased interacted with each person listed. Write who, from the family tree, would visit this persons grave, who wouldn't and why. Happy Writing! Dusty

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