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The Rainbow, the Leprechaun, and the Gold

​Rainbows! Seeing a rainbow puts me in such a positive mood, I love them. Rainbows are a reminder of peace and hopefulness. I don't know about you, but I grew up thinking if I could get over to the other side, life would be magical. Later, I learned, if someone wasn't interested in getting to Magic Land, you had the option of fighting off a leprechaun for a pot of gold. Either way, you'd be a happy camper in the end.

Unfortunately, as we got older, we learned that it was all a lie. One more lie to add to the “just joking, they aren’t real, we did it for tradition” pile. But, what if this wasn’t a lie? What if someone handed you a list of tasks and told you, if you completed each one, you would have a personal escort to the rainbow? Once there, you could choose to go to the other side or take the gold (minus the leprechaun deathmatch). Exercise:

  1. Create a list of three or more tasks that would allow someone to reach the rainbow.

  2. Create a character that is willing to take on these tasks.

  3. Write a paragraph or so describing how your character won each task.

  4. Write two separate short stories:

    1. Describe what would happen if your character chooses to go over the rainbow.

    2. Describe what would happen if your character chooses to take the gold.

Happy Writing!


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