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Tear Lab

Most of us have concluded that shedding tears can be beneficial for our mental health. I guess it could be helpful to others if the other person gets satisfaction out of seeing you cry. If that's the case, get far far away from that person. Think about the last time you cried. It could be a few tears that escaped your eyeball or a full-on stampede of tears. It doesn't matter, as long as you can still feel those tears coming out of your tear ducts and rolling down your cheeks or being wiped away by tissue. I don't want you to relive the reason you cried unless you want to then go for it. I do want you to think about how it would feel to capture your tears rolling down your cheeks. What if tears had healing properties? I've seen it in Disney movies, so we're just going to run with it. We are going to create a world where tears are a commodity. Answer the following questions around this idea. 1. What would tears heal? Would everyone's tears heal the same way, or does everyone's tears heal different things? 2. If people's tears are different, does that mean some are rare, and would these people have to fear for their lives? 3. Does collecting tears while you are crying lessen the emotional benefit of crying? 4. If tears are a commodity, who has the right to sell your tears? 5. Would it be illegal to cry and not collect tears? 6. Is there a seedy underbelly of the city that sells tears illegally? 7. Would you have to register your tears, so the government knows what your tears are capable of? 8. Which organizations today, would be threatened by the healing power of tears? Write a short story or a story outline using your answers from above.

Happy Writing!


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