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Crying Stranger

I was driving home from work a while back and noticed a young lady, probably in her early 20's, walking down the sidewalk. I see pedestrians all the time, they're everywhere in my town. What grabbed my attention is that she was crying. I didn't see tears, but I saw her face after she put her arm down from rubbing her eyes. It made me wonder what was going on in her life. Did she fail a test, was she walking home from being fired, or maybe she just found out about the loss of a family member?

I am always curious about what others are going through. I'm a people watcher by nature. Seeing this young lady took me back to a time when I was around her age. My boyfriend and I stopped at the liquor store on our way to a party. I stayed in the car, and as my eyes followed him to the entrance, my attention was caught by an older woman crying in her car. She was waiting just like I was. She wasn't wiping her tears away. She was sitting quietly, staring at my car and the tears were rolling down her cheeks. I watched her briefly and then looked down towards the floor so that she wouldn't know that I saw her. Her tired demeanor, short brown curly hair, sorrowful eyes, and all those tears visit my thoughts from time to time. If I saw her today, I would have responded differently. I would have gotten out of my car and asked if she was okay and if I could do anything to help. There are many things I wish I could go back in time and change, and this is one of them. It may not seem like much, but to that lady, it could have meant warmth, understanding, support, encouragement. Visit a memory that you wish you could change. Write a short story on how you would have changed it and how that would change the course of your life path. Where would that leave you today? Happy Writing! Dusty

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