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Cooping wasn't uncommon from what I understand. Wikipedia states it was when unwilling participants were forced to vote, often several times over, for a particular candidate in an election. It was called cooping because it was as if people were cooped up until the bullies were ready to use them.

Some of you may be asking yourself, why didn't these people say no? Many times, these people were held against their will and beaten or killed if they didn't go along with the plan. Many were fed alcohol and forced to change clothes so that they wouldn't be recognized when they went back to vote. It's said that Edgar Alan Poe was taken by coopers, which would explain the peculiar clothing he was found in before he died. Reference: Forcing someone to do something against their will has been going on forever, and I don't foresee that changing. These bullies did this because they're getting paid. Let's pretend that you were hard up for money, and your kids didn't have anything to eat. We will also pretend that you took money, becoming one of these bullies. You then grabbed someone off the streets like you were asked, and held them against their will. Now let's pretend that after all that, you couldn't bring yourself to beat your prisoner into submission or kill them if they didn't comply? What would you do? Would you try to persuade your prisoner to do what you wanted? Would you try to give the money back and walk away? Would you keep the money and run? Create a story starting with your realization that you cannot harm or continue to imprison the person in the coop.

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