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Change of Plans

I watched a YouTube video called I Married a Maasai and Moved to His Boma that made my mouth drop. I'm so intrigued by this woman who uprooted herself and dove into a culture that was so different from her own. We, humans, love to be comfortable. We want comfort and most of us seem to always gravitate back to what is comfortable. ​

​What is your idea of getting out of your comfort zone? For me, it's about meeting new people, joining a group, changing my routine, or changing careers. I feel accomplished on some level when I go through this change because it's a struggle for me to change. Making big changes usually comes at a cost. We may have to leave behind ideas. At times, it can mean giving up a belief system and/or taking on a new one. We may have to give up material possessions. Severing ties with people we know can come into play. If fear was not a factor, what would you change? Give your reasons why. Would you take on a new identity? Would you submerge yourself into a new culture to be with someone you love? What risks would you take?

  1. Imagine a character who is very comfortable in their routine and very fearful of leaving that comfort. Create a character profile including routines, likes, dislikes, belief systems, family ties, etc.

  2. Write down what they are mostly sold on, in their life. For example, my character is devoted to his work so he can provide financial stability to his family. Ever since he could remember, this was his sole purpose and what life is all about.

  3. Create the reason(s) that would make your character move away from the belief/routine you created for them in #2. Remember, it has to be extremely compelling and it could be a series of events.

  4. How would they make this change? Are they going to rip the Band-Aid off, or do they need to prepare?

  5. Create the dialogue between them and someone they know explaining why they are making this change. If this character doesn't have someone to talk to, the dialogue can be with themselves.

Happy Writing! ​Dusty

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